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Hold the Phone


We don’t really need to tell you why, so let’s just say that for everyone’s health and safety, Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band is battening down the hatches at the Stripy Sock Club and staying inside for the time being. Luckily, Lah-Lah Land has a 100% vaccination rate, so as soon as we’re able, we’ll be back on the road again jamming all over the land!

In the meantime, Buzz has put down his famous writing hat and writing pencil, and has instead been whizzing away building a new place for all you Stripes to experience everything Lah-Lah online. So we have just launched:

It’s our subscription video site for everything Lah-Lah, but it’s so much more than that..

In addition to over 190 Lah-Lah videos from the full TV episodes, music videos, instrument introductions and more … including a bunch that you’ve probably never seen before, Lah-Lah herself has been busy putting together some fantastic activity sheets, poems, craft projects and more to get you and your littles through these days spending too much time at home.

Squeezy Sneezy has joined the party too, helping Buzz put together our very first official sheet music that you can download and print to play official Lah-Lah arrangements at home.

Best of all, the Stripy Sock Club Online is growing all the time, with new videos, activities and sheet music being uploaded monthly. Members also get access to the Stripy Sock Club Online private Facebook group, where Lah-Lah and the band will appear live from time time to stay in touch with all the little Stripes in Lah-Lah Land.

So, let us help make your life a little easier and come join us in the Stripy Sock Club Online!

Stripy Sock Club Online
inside the Stripy Sock Club Online