DVD: Lah-Lah’s AdventuresBrand New Day

Brand New Day is the first DVD release from the Lah-Lah’s Adventures TV series (2013) as seen on ABC Kids, CBeebies and 7TWO.

Meet all the characters from Lah-Lah’s Adventures including Mister Saxophone, Squeezy Sneezy, Tom Tom, Lola the Dancing Double Bass, Buzz the Bandleader, and of course the lovable Lah-Lah.

Brand new Day includes 13 music video clips plus ‘Band On the Bus’ guest musician segments, ‘Secret Sound Cupboard’ musical game show segments, ‘Make It Play It’ musical craft segments and ‘Get The Groove’ jam sessions.

Full Music Video Clip Listing

Brand New Day
We’re A Family
Aah Choo Gesundheit
I Like To Wash My Hands
Music Makes Me Feel So Good
Lola Loves To Dance
Woody The Woodwind
Cinderella Samba
Pack Away
Five More Minutes
Little Bee Lullaby

DVD duration: 50 minutes
DVD region: 4 (PAL)
DVD language: (English)

— Lah-Lah