Events and Partners

Lah-Lah is here to help...

Did you know that Lah-Lah does more than just making TV shows and touring concerts?
As a family brand trusted for over ten years, Lah-Lah can create bespoke shows & appearances, as well as audio and video content of a wide range of types. Lah-Lah is also open to looking-outside-the-square partnerships that benefit all parties in unique and engaging ways.

Events and Festivals

From corporate family days to council festivals and centre open days, Lah-Lah loves to put on a show! We can custom build performances with costumes, props and colourful sets with either just Lah-Lah and Buzz for intimate experiences to the full band for that big sound WOW factor!


Lah-Lah is a highly visible young family brand with a national fan base and great social media engagement. Lah-Lah also has a unique ability to create eye catching audiovisual content for partners that share our values. From custom video posts and EDMs to jingles and even albums, Lah-Lah is ready for you!

Current and Previous Clients & Partners Include..